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ZeroGPT identifies whether an article is written by AI or a real person, with 98% accuracy online tool

zerogpt 01 - ZeroGPT identifies whether an article is written by AI or a real person, with 98% accuracy online tool

It is not news to use the AI ​​artificial intelligence service ChatGPT to assist in the creation. Maybe everyone is trying their best to test what AI can do. In fact, many users have begun to use AI to automatically write and generate articles. Although it seems that the problem is not Big, but at this stage, it may also be full of some wrong information. After all, ChatGPT will say wrong content in a serious tone. Users still have to judge whether it is correct or not. You may want to know whether there is any content generated through AI. Could it be identified? There are really tools out there now to help detect if content was generated for AI.

This article will introduce “ZeroGPT“is an online tool to detect whether the content is generated by AI. According to the instructions, ZeroGPT uses DeepAnalyse technology plus more than 10 million articles for training, and a model with 98% accuracy is obtained. This service can not only detect whether the article is ChatGPT generation can also recognize other AI services (such as Google Bard), the method of use is very simple, as long as a large piece of content is pasted on ZeroGPT, a series of complex and in-depth algorithms will be used to analyze the content, and finally show that this article is written by a real person or may be generated by AI / ChatGPT.

ZeroGPT will display various detection results, most importantly, it will display “AI / GPT percentage”, and mark passages that may be generated by AI.

Whether students, teachers, educators, writers, employees, freelancers, writers or all walks of life can use ZeroGPT for content detection, the results may not be 100% accurate, but can be used as a reference, this experiment is still In continuous progress and refinement, the team stated that the future goal will be to analyze more than 1 billion articles and articles, and reduce the error rate to less than 1%.


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After opening the ZeroGPT website, paste the content to be detected, press “Detect Text” and the result will be displayed. ZeroGPT has clearly stated its attitude towards privacy on the homepage. This service will not store any articles or texts tested by users. These contents will not be used in training AI detection models.



However, it is necessary to provide a rather long text to be more accurate during detection. If the webpage displays a red “Please input more text for a more accurate result”, please enter more text to obtain a more accurate result.


There will be many different status descriptions for the test results. This part can be found on the ZeroGPT homepage. It is roughly divided into two types of results written by real people and generated by AI. According to different percentages, there will be different descriptions. In many cases, it may be Some are written by humans and some are generated by AI. ZeroGPT will display the possible ratios. For example, the following is marked as “Your text is likely written by a real person.”



I try to use ChatGPT’s “AI Text Classifier“(It is also a tool used to detect whether the content is generated by AI) and then throw the AI ​​content example to ZeroGPT. The detection result has successfully identified the content generated by AI/GPT, the proportion is 85.65%, and it will also be marked with a yellow background The output looks like a paragraph generated by AI, and the number of characters and the number of single words are displayed at the bottom.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Effectively identify AI-generated content with 98% accuracy (ChatGPT and other services)
  2. Just paste the detected content, and the system will automatically conduct an in-depth analysis, but the article needs to be of a certain length
  3. Suitable for students, teachers, educators, writers, staff, freelancers, copywriters, etc.

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